Monitoring and controlling queues using facial recognition

Face recognition is a creative way to keep count of the availability of persons in your business premises. It is also an excellent solution for queue management especially in high traffic operations like in banks, hospitals, cooperate institutions and chain stores.

Another good thing about this system is that it helps to ensure that security is on a high as it enables you to identify unauthorized persons entering the building. A facial recognition system will provide you with all rounded services that will, in the end, ensure a smooth running of your business as well as guarantee the security of the premises and the persons visiting it.

Face recognition systems are gaining popularity in the security docket because of the not to touch property. It means security is provided to the entire premises without any physical contact with the customers or any individuals within the area. Since there is no physical touch, the level of threat also gets minimized. It is so because, considering the conventional devices, those were so sensitive that they could get hampered if punched by a pin or any other metallic equipment.

So, keeping this disadvantage into your mind as a solution has been proposed and more efficient systems with regards to queue management have been developed which follows face recognition system.

How the system works,

Face recognition systems work fascinatingly and efficiently. Here is how; when an individual visits your premises, the system scans them and generates a new identity following auto enrollment.  The device operator will then fill various details about the people which are then stored in your database.

Now here is the good part, when a person who has been previously scanned by the device visits your premises another time, he/she need not have to wait for long in a queue for identification. This is because the device is programmed efficiently so when it senses the image, it matches the captured face patterns with the stored patterns and generates results immediately.

Before, people had to wait in long queues before they can be allowed to access a place or service. Sometimes they even had to register in a book and get a visitors card that will allow them entry and access to the particular area. If during the visit, they happen to misplace the visitor’s card, departure becomes a hurdle. Well, it is unfortunate that this outdated queue management system is still going on in some places because not only is the process time consuming but it also poses a lot of inconveniences to visitors and potential customers.

As in the case of security, when a person visiting your business looks suspicious, his priority can be marked low. If it is marked low then during his next visit, he would not be allowed to enter into that area. Thus, it also secures an area from burglars.

Face recognition can help you monitor various things in your business including queues and security. Therefore if you own a large business where there is high traffic, from Lithuania provides efficient queue management systems including face recognition devices that will enable you to provide your visitors with a more comfortable, secure and user-friendly environment.

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