Ideas for the Rare Weekend when You Get to Relax or Getaway

As a professional and business person, you know how hard it can be to ever get some real time to enjoy yourself and/or loved ones. It seems like you’re either at the office, doing house work, or working from home. Very rarely do you ever have time to just sit back and relax or get away and adventure. If this sounds like you, here are a couple suggestions that we’ve come up with to get you away from stress and into a nice cold beverage.


Picnic at a Local Park

To start with, it will all depend how much time you really have to spare that you can spend with the family. If you are really limited, a simple picnic at the nearest park is better than nothing. Make a menu of picnic friendly foods, get a few activities like croquet or volleyball, and maybe invite some neighbors to join. Even without much planning, you could put together a good couple of hours together at the park, enjoying the outdoors and the people you love.


Hiking Day Trip

If you have a little more time than just a few hours, consider heading out of town somewhere that you can strap on your Chacos, fill up your water bottles, and connect with nature. You don’t necessarily have to do anything too straining, the important thing is to get some fresh air, and forget about any stresses you left behind… even if it is only temporary. Once you have a nice day to clear your head, maybe you can even be more productive when you return to your day to day life.


Full Weekend Mini-Vacation

For those that are lucky enough to get multiple days they can spare, look into a minication. If you don’t spend a lot of time in the city, maybe get some baseball or theater tickets and a hotel room. Make reservations at a nice restaurant and live the high life for a few days. If you already spend too much time in the city, look for somewhere near that you’ve always wanted to visit, but never really had the chance. Use this getaway as an excuse to see a new place!


Consider Taking Some Vacation Days

If you are really unfortunate and don’t even get the luxury of a day or weekend trip, consider spoiling yourself and use up some vacation days in order to really get away. Maybe you can plan it around a long weekend and only take a few vacation days. That would give you five or more days to do whatever you wanted!! You could even travel out of state or the country with that amount of time off!


It’s unfortunate that so many people these days are stuck in a cycle of simply always being busy. Where are the days when you left work at the office and family issues at home? It appears as long as technology continues to keep us connected, we will never get completely free.


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