3 Latest Technology World Witness in 2017

Every now and then the world has witnessed breakthroughs in technology creating huge impact in everyone’s life. In fact, in today we are living, there are more advanced creations that make the world simply a better world. This time, we will take you to see through some of the latest technology in 2017. These technology creations will definitely dominate the world. These technologies are so advanced that most of us haven’t imagined before. But one thing is clear, some people have seen the world beyond what others think. And this is the key to a more advanced world with much more advanced technology in everyday’s life.

The 3 latest technology creations we see today will be definitely among the most fantastic things we ever have. Thanks to special people behind the creation that the rest of the world gets the chance to feel how it is like to live in high advanced world with so many technologies.

Smart Home Tech and IoT

Let’s start the counting of the world’s best technology creations with the so called Smart Home Tech and IoT. Do you know that IoT stands for? It stands for Internet of Things which is the forthcoming revolution. This tech breakthrough aims to create interconnected of any smart home technology which is predicted to be taking its place for years ahead. With so many individual appliances and technologies in the market, there is actually a lack of enough collaboration and this is where the IoT and Smart Home Tech come forward for rescue. With this technology being used at home, it will give huge impact in everyone’s life. Imagine how much simpler life will be with this technology used at home every day. There is no doubt that this is one of the best things world’s get to experience in 2017.

AR and VR

AR and VR are certainly familiar to most of use. AR stands for Augmented Reality while VR stands for Virtual Reality. The year of 2016 was the year where the world witnessed major steps forward in both AR and VR. Today, the AR and VR are going to be capable of delivering the best and most advanced experience that will amaze so many people. In fact, it is like a reality but with so many effects that make it more dramatic. Now, we are definitely ready to experience the more advanced stages of the applications in AR and VR.

Machine Learning

So, here comes the third advanced technology world witness in 2017. This particular technology breakthrough has actually been taken some massive strides in the latest years. It is what exactly the thing that will keep emerge in assisting and enhancing the core search engine algorithm of Google. And in the year of 2017, there are so many expectations that come true including the updates that emerge across the board. At the same time, this technology also enters various types of consumer application to provide better recommended products according to the prior purchase history. It aims to improves user experience gradually.

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