Technologies and their role in the development of sales.

If a growing company, trading real estate, seeks to achieve great sales and development in the modern market, it needs to automate its sales.

Real estate companies, focused on increasing their income by increasing sales nowadays, do not follow traditional ways. Expansion of the staff of managers to achieve the goal is no longer relevant. Bots, triggers, automation of advertising and CRM have come to replace them. Modern technologies promote business growth, fulfillment of sales plans and increase of turnover.

The sale process involves the management of a huge amount of data, people and distribution channels. In practice, the indicated volume does not always correspond to the required quality. And as a result of that sales become unmanageable, and inefficient.

Online CRM System can become a solution to this problem and increase sales. It will make the sales processes transparent and help make the work of managers more controlled.

Real Estate CRM Software

Thanks to modern marketing mechanisms, real estate companies have the opportunity to attract more potential customers. A certain number of customers from this list will later become real buyers, and a very small number of clients will become regular customers, loyal buyers of the real estate brand outlet.

However, the mechanisms that help attract customers can harm companies and take away a considerable number of customers, when in the hands of competitors.

Real estate software is a multifunctional tool that will help to influence potential and existing customers in a more effectively manner and build a strong and long-term relationship with them. Work with clients is conducted by several departments of the company: marketing, sales and customer support. Effective and efficient work is possible only if all these units act as a single body.

Effective sales management is impossible without relevant and complete information about customers, their needs, the general economic situation in the real estate market and other data needed for decision making. CRM-system will help to collect statistical data and conduct an analysis for making strategic business decisions. Automation of sales using CRM-solutions will also allow companies to solve problems such as:

Customer Base Management

The customer database has always been the heart of any CRM-system and one of the key assets of any business. The system allows you to store and correctly use all the information about customers: personal data, contacts, preferences, bills and payments, call records, history of visits, etc.

Marketing Management

CRM-system allows you to optimally organize the marketing management of the company, to plan and conduct marketing activities, promotions, email marketing and other activities. The system helps to fix the date and place of each event, plan the budget and form a team, track the results of the events. In addition, the marketer gets tools for working with leads, including scoring to determine the degree of maturity of the lead.

Product Catalogue Management

Real estate software allows you to create a single directory of all types of real estate of the company. So that the information which is delivered to the buyer always stays relevant, the directory can be integrated with the registration system. Real estate in the catalog can be grouped according to various parameters: type, category and cost.

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